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How to Easily Create Your Quarter Two Marketing Plan


It's time to start thinking about your marketing for the next quarter! Quarter 2, which covers April, May, and June, is just around the corner—8 weeks to be exact. So, why not kick off your marketing plans this week? If you're not sure where to start, don't worry; I've got you covered!

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Promo/Offer

Consider holidays happening where you and your audience live. Here in the US we have Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, and more.

You can also consider other major events that could easily tie into your business, like sports events, school ending, Spring, family vacations, etc. 

Identify one “theme” or “promo” you can create for your business with these events/holiday’s in mind.

I would just stick with one promo/offer a month to help create buzz around your business/offer. Anything more might be overwhelming.


>>> Spring Clearance Event! Everything is 20% OFF!

This is great if you are a product based business and need to clear out some one-off items or clear out for new inventory coming in.

>>> Honor Mothers/Fathers with a FREE gift with purchase/booking.

This is great if you are a service based business and want to get more bookings, the word “FREE” psychologically helps to increase sales.

>>> Get $50 off your booking fee when you book this month only.

It doesn’t need to be that specific dollar amount, but giving your customers a $ towards their booking makes them feel like they have money to spend with you.

💡 Pro tip: You can use your ads to test the best copy/graphic combo a few weeks before you launch your promo.

Step 2: Create Promo/Offer Graphics

Next, let’s hop on Canva and create some graphics. There are tons of templates on there that you can use and customize to your branding easily. (like the example below)

You will want to create one graphic you can use and size it for:

  • Social media posts

  • IG Stories (leave a space to add a link/button)

  • Email

  • Ads

  • Website (put a button on this one too)

  • Blog

If you don’t use all those marketing platforms, then just create a graphic just for the ones you use.

💡 Pro tip: Be sure to create a Google Folder and title it “Quarter 2 Marketing Strategy” to save all of these graphics and any ideas or copywriting you create in.

Step 3: Write Content Copy + Copywriting

Don’t get discouraged here! I understand the word “copywriting” may cause some people to cringe -- I GET it! But there are some GREAT AI tools that you can use now to help you out with this. 

If you need a little help on what to say in your marketing, you can use AI tools like ChatGPT.

💡 Pro tip: DO NOT just get on there and take whatever it spits out, give it prompts so it knows who you are, who your ideal clients/customers are, your brand voice, and more. Give it lots of feedback and it can fine tune it’s copywriting for you so you don’t SOUND like ChatGPT. No one wants to read more boring copy!!

To have a cohesive promotion, create these:

  • Hook: Capture their attention! What are you promoting? Keep it simple & to the point.

  • Story: If you can- tell a story and make it memorable. 

  • Pain: What’s holding them back from getting what they want? Can you help them? 

  • Proof: Can you show how your product or service has helped others?

  • Invitation: ALWAYS give them a CTA (call to action) what do you want them to do? What is their next step?


Get pampered this Mother’s Day with a FREE add on service, just for being a mom. Book her appointment now. Appointments are limited.


Pamper your mom this Mother’s Day with a FREE add on service, you know she deserves it for putting up with you -- I mean your siblings! Be the child who books it for her (you will be her favorite) call now to book!

Step 4: Schedule Your Promo/Offer

Now let’s put it all together and get it all scheduled.


Start with your email (don’t have an email list, I would HIGHLY recommend you getting one like today - try out FloDesk - the link to get 50% off is in my bio.) Create 1-2 emails/SMS to promote your sale/promotion. Of course link it your website. Be sure to mention how long the promo is taking place so your customers know it won’t last forever and to help create some urgency. Give them enough time to open their email/SMS and purchase, so make your promo last at least 48 hours. 

Schedule your first email/SMS to let them know about the promo and then your second email to remind them that it is ending soon.

💡 Pro tip: FloDesk now has a count down feature too, use it to create urgency and excitement! Super exciting!


Next, let’s schedule some posts announcing your promo. Throughout your content copy for that month, mention the promo and make it EASY for them to purchase/book an appointment. Be sure to have your link in your bio and share the links to your promo in your stories 5 out of 7 days. You don’t need to be annoying about it, but not everyone always sees your stories. Reminder: you don’t need to schedule ALL your content for the month, just these specific promo pieces.

💡 Pro tip: Create a highlight on instagram to save your current promos too to make it even easier to find.


On the customer journey, you want to make it fool-proof for them. If they get on your website and they don’t see the SAME graphic design and HOOK copy on the website as they have seen in all the promos, they may just jump right off. So don’t shoot yourself in the foot here have the same graphics/copy on your website and give them a quick and easy button to push and get them right to the spot they want to be. This can all be pre-planned and saved into your Quarter 2 Marketing Strategy Google folder. Be sure to write + schedule your blog

ahead of time so it is ready to go.


You guessed it, you want to have the same graphics, copywriting, and CTA’s in your ads.

You can schedule your ads to run ahead of time, so it is one last thing to think about when you are launching. Be sure to give your ads enough time for the learning phase if you are using a new audience/promo.


Something catch your eyes? 👀

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