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Game-Changing Email Marketing Changes in 2024 that You Must Know

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead is a must. Google, Yahoo, and AOL just dropped some big changes that'll shake up email marketing for everyone, big or small. The tricky part? We're not sure when it'll hit small senders, so get compliant now! Your email list worked hard for that inbox spotlight, and ignoring these updates might land you in the spam abyss – a file I can't find in my Gmail.

Starting February 1, 2024, Google, Yahoo, and AOL are on a mission to cut down on spam, mass cold calling, and phishing. Their patience with these nuisances has run thin, and who can blame them? Spam truly does suck. To combat this, they've introduced stricter rules that apply to both the big names and the creative businesses like us.

What's New and What You Need to Know:

👆 One-Click Unsubscribe: Bid farewell to the days of clicking a link or enduring lengthy processes. Unsubscribing must be as easy as 1,2,3, with the added option for subscribers to explore other newsletters from your brand.

🔐 Verified Domain: As the sender, having a verified domain is now a must.

📉 <0.3% Spam Rate Limit: Keep your spam rate below this threshold.

📧 No Bulk Emails from @gmail(.)com: A significant change that impacts bulk senders, but the uncertainty looms for smaller senders.

While these changes primarily target bulk senders with lists exceeding 5,000 subscribers, it's crucial to note that:

a) You may find yourself in that category sooner than expected.

b) The rules might evolve to include smaller senders at any time.

Your To-Do List:

No. 01 Verify Your Domain’s DNS Records:

Prove you're a legitimate business, not a hacker masquerading as a deepfake of your brand. Search for your marketing platform + "DKIM verification" to find guidance.

How to:

Type [email of your marketing platform] + “DKIM verification” into your search bar to figure out how to do this. There’s probably a blog from your provider how to do it

No. 02 Run List Cleanse:

Scrub away cold subscribers and bots that clog your list. You don't have to delete them; tuck them away on a spreadsheet as a security blanket. Search for your email marketing platform + "cold subscribers" to locate and manage them.

How to:

Search [name of your email marketing platform] + “cold subscribers” to figure out how to find them.

No. 03 Ensure 1-Click Unsubscribe is Set Up:

Make unsubscribing as simple as going to the bottom and hitting "unsubscribe." Your provider may have already set it up, so ensure it's in place.

How to:

Did you know that your provider already set it up for you or it was on worker-bee-mode to set it up the past month. Make sure it’s done.

No. 04 Boost 1-on-1 Banter with Your Email List:

Enhance your email engagement by encouraging replies. Write copy that sparks conversations and builds relationships with your subscribers.

How to:

Write copy in emails that makes people hit “REPLY” - have a relationship with your subscribers.

No. 05 Include "I Accept to Receive Marketing Emails" Copy on Forms

This simple addition to your forms can go a long way in ensuring compliance. Check whether your provider has already set it up for you or if it requires your attention.

This is what it looks like:

In the face of these changes, being proactive is the key to maintaining a healthy email marketing strategy. Stay compliant, nurture your relationships with subscribers, and embrace the evolving landscape. Ready or not, the 2024 email marketing whirlwind is here – make sure you're not caught in its storm.


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