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Hey entrepreneur, yeah *you*:

Ready to learn how to design websites?

Website Creation Course is easy to follow with step-by-step video tutorials. After completing this course you will be able to create & edit websites in WiX like a professional -- for your own business or as a way to make money designing websites for others.


Learn to create beautiful websites like this one.




You will learn a skill that pays you thousands of dollars and you could work as much or as little as you would like.



You won't have to pay a website designer $3k+ to design your website and you finally will be able to create the website you dream of. Plus, put your new skill to work for you and create websites for others for $500-$4,000 each.



You can have confidence when you send someone to your website knowing that it is always looking fresh! 

does this sound like you?

You want to work from home but you don't want to have to sell  to your friends on instagram and you don't want to work lots of hours to make a few hundred dollars.

You might have heard that WiX websites are easy to create, but when you get on the dashboard you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start!

Maybe you cringe when you send customers to your website because *it hasn't been updated* in a while.

If this is you and you're screaming HECK YES!

Then this is the course you NEED to feel confident about your website building skills!

What's Inside

You will love this!

Online Tutorial.png

Step-By-Step Videos

Each phase of designing your website is presented in video format. That means you can watch as I walk you through the process step by step.  Making it easy to follow along and build your website with me, right by your side.

Online Tutorial (2).png

Check List Of Tools

Need help with knowing what software and other tools you need to be successful in designing? I've got you covered. I give you the behind the scenes secrets website designers use to create websites!

Online Tutorial (3).png

BONUS: SEO & Google Integration

One thing I love about WiX is their SEO & Google tools. I give you this bonus lesson to show you how to connect your Google Business Profile & how to add SEO into your website to help you be found organically!

Module 1

I give you more details than just designing, I help set you up to design smoothly and quickly.

You will be prepped fully to start designing - with images & website copy.

Understand all the tools available and which ones you will be using to design.

Learn how to put together your brand guide inside of Canva and how to plug it into WiX for easy design process.


Module 2 & 3

You will learn how to design a website from scratch in WiX

Your website header, footer, and home page will be completely designed.

You will know how to design your own website and make any edits necessary.

You will know how to link buttons, create a beautiful layout, add in custom fonts, and more.

Module 4


This is the bonus section where you learn how to get traffic to your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization & Ads)

Learn how to add SEO into your website and get my SEO checklist I use when designing websites for clients.

Learn how to integrate FB Ad Pixels so you can easily track your ads performance.

Connect your website to Google Ads & Google Business Profile, so your website can show up in Google searches.


Starter Guide


Inside the course, you have access to the Starter Guide: Start A Website Design Business at a special discounted price only offered inside the course.




The *bonus module* alone is worth the investment for your business!


Payment Plan Available

  • Website Creation One Time Payment

    Step-by-step video tutorials learning how to create websites in WiX.
  • Website Creation Two Payments

    Every month
    Step-by-step video tutorials learning how to create websites in WiX.
    Valid for 2 months

Learn The Tips & Tricks To Creating The Website You Want For Your Business So You Can Always Have The Best Up-To-Date Website Instead Of Trying To Figure It Out All By Yourself!

Get lifetime access to the course and any updates!


You can pay 10's of thousands of dollars for a college degree to learn website design OR you can learn for less than the price of a website template.



hello there.


I am a wifey to Jon, mommy to Ethan & Liam. I am so blessed to be able to work from home as CEO of KS Marketing Studio. 

I started creating websites and designing at the age of 17. Somewhere in the middle of all until now-- I went to college, designed a clothing line, and worked for a few non-profits.

I am a website designer and brand creator for businesses. 

I have been designing websites for the past 16 years. - yes, I am that old, *sigh*.


It is something I enjoy doing and I love teaching others how they can also create their own website.

I love women entrepreneurs, they are my people. So anything I can do to help their business be more successful, I am ready to help!

Still have questions?

Is this a one-time purchase?

Yes! And! You will have life-time access to this course. As it is updated you will get all the latests updates.

Will I have to learn coding?

No. Everything in this course is for beginners. You will not need to learn website coding.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we understand that sometimes things don't work out. Please read this refund policy carefully before making a purchase.

Digital products such as courses, trainings, presets and stock photos are non-refundable. Once you purchase a digital product, you have instant access to the product, and it cannot be returned. As such, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for any digital products.

If you believe that you have been charged in error or have a problem with accessing your digital product, please contact us immediately at We will work with you to resolve any issues.

We appreciate your business and want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How hard is it to learn?

Not hard at all! I am there with you every step of the way and make it easy for you!

What do I do if I have a question?

Inside the course you will have access to our private community discussion board. There you can tag '@' kendra and ask any questions you have. I will be available everyday to answer any and all questions. If you have a question now, you can send me an email.

How long do you estimate it takes to build the business from scratch?

Every person works differently and at different paces. If you were to work it part-time Monday-Friday I would say you should have your first website design job within a month.

What platform does the course teach on?

The course teaches you how to create websites using the WiX platform. This course was created with the beginner and business owner in mind, so utilizing an easy to learn easy to use platform was important for us to achieve the goal.

Does the course cover how to find and pitch to clients?

Yes! In this course you will learn where to go to find the clients who are looking to hire someone right away to create a website for their business. You will also learn how to pick the best client to work with and how to apply to work with them. 

Does the course teach how to send contracts and collect payments for website design work?

Yes! In this course you will learn 2 optional ways to send contracts and collect payments. 

If I want to create websites for businesses, how much can I expect to make per website?

For the type of websites you will learn to create (websites for small businesses) you can expect to make $500-$4,000 per website. 

This course contains affiliate links. If you purchase and click through some links in this course, I will get a small financial kickback.

I cannot guarantee any amount of income if you use this course. All income references is from my own personal experience.

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